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Meeting new people on the Riviera

Now that you’ve bought a new property in Nice or an apartment in Cannes, the next thing on your mind may be meeting new people out here on the French Riviera!

There is a large Expat community on the Riviera and there are many groups that have come together with the express purpose of facilitating new meetings. These groups are great for widening your circle of friends or simply just for trying something new. So whether you’re looking to meet French or English people, join a cookery class or learn a new language, you may find these three websites rather useful!

Angloinfo is a handy little website! AngloINFO is a hub for the expat community on the Riviera. On this website you will find everything you could possibly want to know about life on the Côte d’Azur, from schools to the cinema listings, as well as forums for asking questions and finding out what’s going on! is an English-based website which offers regular get-togethers catering for a wide variety of interests: photography, language exchange cafés, wine tasting, cupcake making, an Anglophone book club, yoga… You name it and meetup have it! People of all ages join meetup, from students to people who have come to the Riviera to retire and it’s very easy to simply go along and join in!

OVS is meetup’s French equivalent and functions slightly differently. As soon as you become a member you can attend one of the many get-togethers or even propose one of your own!

Going to French bars and cafés is a great way to get a taste of French culture, and to experience the real French lifestyle! If you’re missing home, however, there’s always Wayne’s bar in the Old town and Ma Nolan’s on the port and in the Old Town! Take look at our blog on Nice’s bars and restaurants for more information.