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Hidden Gems You Should Definitely Visit While In Nice

It is likely that you have already discovered many of the amazing areas and monuments within the French Riviera simply by searching for apartments for sale in Nice, such as the well-known Monument aux Morts, the gorgeous Fort du Mont Alban and the breath-taking Promenade des Anglais. But did you know that Nice also has a treasure trove of hidden gems that aren't mentioned in most tourism guidebooks? All of these lesser-known places are easy to get to, and full of wonder and intrigue. Here is just a small selection of them.

Chateau de Bellet

Amazingly, this small area in north of Nice has its very own wine region – ideal for lovers of fine food and drink. They produce three brilliant and unique wines in the appellation –Braquet, Folle Noire and Rolle. The area is just 20 minutes from the city centre and offers visitors a highly enjoyable tour around the vineyards. You even get to sample some of the wonderful produce they have on offer.

Rue Bonaparte

This area, slightly away from the tourist traps, is a trendy and cool spot where many of the best bars in the city are located. It is perfect for that night out that you won't forget in a hurry. It also has a great selection of LGBT venues and excellent eateries that are designed to cater to locals, rather than the more tourist-focused restaurants in the city centre.

Coco Beach

Locals love this beach because it is relatively unknown by tourists. This hidden gem has plenty of room for sunbathing and is just a short walk away from the busier, more touristy seaside spots. The eatery there, Coco Beach Restaurant, is a great option if you would prefer not to bring food along with you, although Coco Beach is the ideal spot for a picnic.

Palais Lascaris

This 17th century palace will take you back to the days when aristocrats ruled France. Today it is a museum that houses hundreds of instruments, both antique and contemporary. The regal architecture is wonderfully evocative of pre-revolutionary France. It really is a beautiful building that not many outsiders know about.

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral is among the most beautiful churches in the whole city. On first viewing, it appears as if it had dropped in from Moscow. The cathedral will leave you in awe and is a fantastic highlight for architecture and design lovers. Looking for an adventure? Contact our friendly staff today to find out more about Nice and how to live the dream!