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The best way to see the Grand Prix

One of the best things you can look forward to when you own a Cote d’Azur property is the many glamorous events you can attend here. If you own an apartment near Monaco (think Roquebrune, Beausoleil, or Cap d’ail) you’ll be perfectly placed to visit the Grand Prix.

This weekend, journalists from the Nice Matin reviewed the different pros and cons of options of viewing the Grand Prix …find out what came out top and get planning for next year!

Option 1: From the stands

From stand K, one of the best spots on the circuit, spectators get a seat right up close to the action. However, it’s less a seat and more of a plastic bench – not the most luxurious of surroundings! There’s no shelter from the elements either, be it rain or the glare of the sun. However, once the race starts, you can see why it’s the option favored by die-hard fans; the shaking of the stands to the rhythm of the cars gives the feeling of being at the heart of the race. Cost: 480 Euros.

Option 2: Try without a ticket

‘Sorry sir, access is strictly forbidden without a ticket’. That’s the response you’ll hear if you try to slip in without a ticket…You’ll be lucky if you get a glimpse through a hole in the barrier! However, there’s always the option of watching it on the giant screen in Place d’armes – you won’t miss anything that way! Cost: free

Option 3: From a yacht

This is definitely an experience not to be missed! On the yacht run by Pierre Brezzo, with Monaco Riviera Communication, guests are welcomed onboard mid-morning with a delicious brunch of smoked salmon and an assortment of cold meats. The atmosphere is relaxed and elegant. Some spectators have been coming back for years; for one man he has not missed a Grand Prix from the yacht in 20 years! Once the race starts, there’s plenty of space for an unrestricted view, and there’s the giant screen to make sure you don’t miss anything! The only downside is the distance from the racecourse.

Option 4: From a terrace

How to watch in style! If you can afford it, this is definitely the way to go.  From the 10th floor apartment block Le Caravel spectators have a stunning aerial view of the circuit which takes in the opening gate, the exit of the tunnel, Ostende hill…There’s nothing to block the view. Guests are treated to an open bar and you just have to turn your head to the flatscreen TV in the living room if you’re scared of missing anything!

Cost: 1300 Euros including open bar.