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Thursday 21st November 2013 is this year’s official Beaujolais Nouveau day.

At exactly 12.01am on the third Thursday of November every year, the new seasons wine is released to the public in accordance with French law; only a few weeks after the grapes have been handpicked. The occasion is marked with celebrations throughout France and all over the world in more recent years, often with firework displays at midnight, live music and tasters.

Beaujolais is certainly not a wine for the French connoisseurs as it has a quick fermentation process, however it does please most palates and can be drank with anything from Haut Cuisine to Friday night’s laidback dinner!

The Gamay grapes of the Beaujolais province are handpicked by the local farmers. The wine originated about a century ago, and was produced by the locals simply to celebrate the end of the harvest. The most famous producer of the wine is Georges Duboeuf, who organized the first race marketing event – a race to Paris, where locals would carry the first bottles all the way there! The tradition quickly received recognition by the press and the first marketing campaign was launched. Similar races are now held in other countries to signal the release of the new Beaujolais season.

The famous slogan ‘Beaujolais nouveau est arrivée’, meaning ‘The new Beaujolais has arrived’ was changed in 2005 to ‘It’s Beaujolais time’. Nowadays there are several producers of the wine across the province, which has 4000 vineyards and hosts 120 festivals across the region.

Feel like celebrating yourself? There are Beaujolais festivals across our region which offer dinner and dancing for around 20€.

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