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How to park in Nice

When people are looking to buy an apartment in Nice, they often ask us about parking in the city centre. How much does it cost? Where are the best places to park? Where should we avoid? As a result we’ve put together this blog which will hopefully answer all of your questions!

For up to an hour, you can park for free in ten of the city centre car parks (see the map below). This system works well until your 60 minutes are up when the price can rise quite steeply. We have compared the prices of 14 city centre car parks in Nice to give you a better idea of what it may cost to take your car into the centre of Nice for an afternoon shopping trip or a lunch in the Riviera sun! You may be surprised to see that parking costs don’t necessarily get cheaper once you’re out of the tourist area!

The map below shows these 14 city centre car parks and the prices for 1, 2 and 3 hours of parking. The green strip shows those that are free for the first hour, the blue strips are the cheapest car parks and the red are the more expensive ones.

Parking Nice

If you are looking for more permanent parking, then do bear in mind it’s VERY difficult to find a property in the city centre that comes with parking. Occasionally properties do come on the market that include parking, but the majority of city centre owners either buy a garage in a neighboring street, or rent a garage nearby. To purchase a garage or parking spot you’re looking at around 40-50000 euros. To permanently rent one you will be paying between 120 to 150 euros per month in the city centre.

Parking Nice

Do bear in mind also that once you have bought your apartment you can take your tax forms or an electricity bill down to your local Semiacs office and get a resident parking permit. This will allow you to park in a selection of parking spots surrounding your property at a much reduced rate so it’s definitely worthwhile getting one and only takes a few minutes. You can top up the card once per month so you don’t need to hunt around for coins every day – just pop the permit in the window and you’re valid to leave your car in the street in permitted areas.

To find your perfect apartment in the centre of Nice do not hesitate to contact your Attika team, we will be happy to make your property dreams come true!