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New Project for Nice's train station area

The next few years will see some changes to Nice’s transport links that will allow visitors and locals alike to make the most of the entire city as well as being able to travel further afield without having to fly. Not only is the tram line going to be extended (all the way to the airport!), there is also a huge renovation project planned for Nice’s main train station – Gare Thiers.

Artistic view of planned renovations to Gare Thiers


These works will also mean that certain areas of the city centre will be refurbished and modernized, and several small shops and cafes which surround Nice’s train station (Gare Thiers) will be removed to make room for new additions to the station. The current plan aims to have works finished by 2015 including total pedestrianisation of Avenue Jean Medecin and surrounding areas. The main aims of the project are:

  • To increase comfort and security for those using the tram and train to travel
  • To create a direct and rapid means of getting from the station to the tram stop on Jean Medecin
  • Make the station and the platforms entirely accessible to every user

It is hoped that the project will meet all of its objectives on time whilst simultaneously breathing a new lease of life into the Thiers/Notre Dame areas of the city centre which have become a less desirable place to buy property in recent years!

Many clients love the Musiciens area which has some very elegant Nice Property, but prefer to avoid the ends of the streets that reach up as far as the train station. This new project means that the whole area will be spruced up and all of the streets leading up the Avenue Thiers will become more desireable places to buy, so do bear this in mind when you’re on the hunt for a property in Nice centre.