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A shared goal for the city of Nice

A heart is important! From there, blood flows to help the growth of the whole body.

For years, the heart of Nice has suffered ill health. This area, while old and architecturally beautiful, has been neglected. In some situations, the problems are critical and in need of treatment.

The improvement of housing is the first step towards solving the problem, followed closely by the reorganisation of roads and public spaces. These are the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur’s (Nice City Council’s) priorities. In addition, new services will be created and commerce diversified.

With a budget of €71.7 million and a wide resource of talents and know-how, this redevelopment program has already hit the ground running (e.g. Rue de Suisse and Nice train station) and nothing can stop it. The end goal: to re-inject life into the heart of the city and improve the quality of life for all Nice citizens. This could be a great time to invest in a property in the Nice City Centre, though slightly less prestigious than other areas such as the Port or the Carré d'Or, the big plans for the city mean it is an up-and-coming area with lots of potential - perfect for those looking to be smart with their money when it comes to investment property.

the perimetres.jpg



1. Improvement of housing

  • Refurbishment of over 300 homes

  • Taking down of neglected and deteriorated buildings to make room for new, cleaner, safer ones

  • Plans to help co-ownership associations* in 25 apartment buildings

  • All inhabitants in the area specified being entitled to financial help for renovations - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OPAH-RU

* This refers to inhabitants and/or landlords who share common ownership of the common areas of an apartment building e.g. gardens, stairwells


2. Reorganisation of roads and public spaces

  • New pedestrian zones with wider streets

  • Calmer traffic in particular around Trachel, and the redimensioning of traffic around Rue Reine Jeanne


3. Creation of community facilities

  • Extension of the playground on Rue de Suisse

  • Creation of a crèche with 40 places around Trachel

  • Creation of an open office for advice and assistance for parents


4. Economic and commercial development

  • Promoting the establishment of new commerces

  • Diversifying the range of commerces

  • Enhancing the activities on offer


1. Carré Notre-Damecarre notre dame.jpg
The inhabitants of the sector “Notre Dame” (around the church of Notre Dame) told the city council they wanted to give new life to their area, in particular through more green spaces and less vehicules. The result: the creation of a new square behind the church. What is now a carpark will become a communal square, with a park for children as well as terraces to enjoy the green space. It will be a cleaner, greener space to live, play and socialise.

rue ditalie.jpg

2. The pedestrianisation of Rue d’Italie

One of the highest priorities of the program for Nice centre is the pedestrianisation of Rue d’Italie. The plan is to design it in the same way as the recently pedestrianised Rue de Suisse to its north, with wider re-paved pavements and trees on the border. With the same dynamic as Jean Medecin pedestrians can use the street to walk along or sit outside a café, without being disturbed by the sounds or fumes of car traffic.

rue de suisse.jpg

3. Small businesses/commerce in Notre Dame
Along with the major redevelopments to the area noted above, small businesses will group together to improve and coordinate the aesthetics of the commercial areas such as Rue d’Italie and Rue de Suisse, including aspects such as the cleanliness, shop fronts and the welcomeness of the area.


cours tranchel.jpg

4. Cour Bensa-Trachel
The city council also plans to totally revitalise the area around Cours Bensa and Square du Colonel Jeanpierre through the creation of more public, semi-pedestrianised spaces both indoors and outdoors, with wider pavements, more greenery and quieter traffic circulation. They plan to create retail and leisure premises, as well as 141 homes in the area: 82 rentals, 20 for “social home-buying”, 30 student homes and 9 private homes.


Extra Projects

Gare du Sud:

- 2ha at the heart of Nice

- 98 new homes

-167 units for student    accommodation

- 700 carpark spaces

- 9-theatre cinema

- covered market

- gym

- conference centre

Gare Thiers:

- €61.5 million

- 10,000 m² for shops, hotels, restaurants and offices

- 35 million travellers a year arriving for the tram

- 11 million travellers a year arriving for the train “Horizon 2020”

- creation of a multimodal “city hub” over 10,000 m²

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OPAH-RU: Operation Housing Improvement & Urban Renewal and how it can help landlords/homeowners

Or to learn more you can visit the Maison des Projets:

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