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Top tips for getting around Nice!

When people are looking to buy an apartment in Nice, they often ask us about getting around the city centre: public transport, parking, how accessible the beaches are… Here are Attika’s top tips for getting around the beautiful capital of the French Riviera!

Getting around Nice

In order to make daily life that little bit easier in Nice, the town has made a real effort to improve transport. From improvements to public transport (including the development of a new tramline as well as extending the existing one) to improving the roads, to the creation of more free parking spaces in the city centre, the Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi and his team have introduced many initiatives to help you move around the city. Obviously these measures have had a positive impact on property in Nice and property prices.



Nice has a very good bus and tram network, operated by Lignes d’Azur. The buses run regularly and go pretty much everywhere in the city! To see the different bus routes and timetables, you can visit

You can buy tickets either from machines at the tram stop or on the bus. A single on all Lignes d’Azur services costs 1,50€, lasts 90 minutes and is valid on all bus and tram services; alternatively you can by a 10 ticket pass for 10€.

Tickets need to be stamped as soon as you get on the bus or tram in the machines that are at the entrance and from that moment on they are valid for an hour for onward journeys (not for return journeys though, you need to get a new ticket for your return!)

Nice’s tramline was built in 2007 and is a great asset to the city. Currently, the Line 1 runs from Las Planas to Pont Michel, running through the main areas of the city centre and going past the train station, main shopping district, the Old Town, the Palais des Congrès et des Expositions, the football stadium and the university in Valrose. Quick and comfortable, the tram is a great alternative to using your car and you can be sure to never be stuck in a traffic jam!

Plans for an East-West tramline, to compliment the North-South Line 1, are well underway and the line is expected to be finished by 2017. To read more on this, take a look at our blog on the Line 2 tram.

Nice tramway

The public transport network in Nice makes the city centre easily accessible and confirms Nice as a superb destination to buy a French Riviera holiday apartment or villa!



Nice airport is easily accessible for those of you who don’t have a car: the number 98 and 99 buses connect the city centre to the airport and are very regular services. They are slightly more expensive than the other city buses though, at 6€ for a day ticket.

There are also lots of buses that head out towards Antibes and Cannes, as well as to Monaco and Menton, and the buses also go into the mountains and to the ski slopes in ski season!



Parking in the centre of Nice may initially seem like a daunting task, considering how popular the city centre is! The town has made a conscious effort to improve parking in recent years; here are some of the biggest developments:

Two large underground carparks have recently been built (bringing a total of 1000 new parking spaces) and free one-hour parking has been introduced in 11 of the city centre’s busiest car parks. See our blog on the subject to see where these car parks are!

Free parking in Nice

Nice has also put into place an ‘intelligent parking’ scheme in recent months which will make city centre parking easier. A series of sensors in the pavement will allow drivers to see precisely which parking places are free and then to get up to date information on the city centre and the public transport for that day!

Do bear in mind also that once you have bought your apartment you can take your tax forms or an electricity bill down to your local Semiacs office and get a resident parking permit. This will allow you to park in a selection of parking spots surrounding your property at a much reduced rate so it’s definitely worthwhile getting one and only takes a few minutes. You can top up the card once per month so you don’t need to hunt around for coins every day – just pop the permit in the window and you’re valid to leave your car in the street in permitted areas.

To find your perfect apartment in the centre of Nice do not hesitate to contact your Attika team, we will be happy to make your property dreams come true!