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Woody Allen filming his new film in Nice!

Did any of you with property in Nice spot Woody Allen yesterday???

He could have just passed as a tourist on the French Riviera: first stop at the famous restaurant “La Petite maison” and then Nice Opera. On closer inspection, though, this was no ordinary tourist but a celebrated film director!

Yesterday Woody Allen was in Nice Old Town scouting for his next film, Incognito. Surrounded by his team, sometimes speaking French sometimes English, it seemed that the director was location scouting as he pointed out various places whilst discussing technical difficulties.

Woody Allen in Nice

“We have a lot of work” said a member of Woody Allen’s team, “will be here for two months.” The producer of Allen’s new film, Raphaël Benoliel (who is in fact from Nice!), commented he has worked with the director before and has an idea of what kind of locations and backgrounds he likes. It seems that we will be seeing a lot of the Côte d’Azur in this new film. Yet another film has decided to feature the beautiful French Riviera, maybe your Nice Old Town property will be in it! We are looking forward to its release!