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Operation: Housing Improvement and Urban Renewal (OPAH-RU) is a program set up to help homeowners in the area “Notre-Dame-Vernier-Thiers”, (pictured below) to restore, refurbish and improve housing in accordance with the policies of Christian Estrosi, Maire de Nice.

the perimetres.jpg

What OPAH-RU will achieve:

The City of Nice Côte d’Azur and its partners are working together to sustainably redevelop Nice Centre, as part of a 5-year plan from 2014 to 2018.

OPAH-RU will be achieved by working towards the following goals:

  • improving hygiene and eradicating danger in homes by improving plumbing

  • improving energy efficiency in older buildings

  • adapting housing to accommodate those with disabilities

  • contributing to the development of quality-controlled rentals

  • developing in sustainable ways the public and private areas within the new residences


Key figures

  • 305 private housing units to be restored

  • 12 operations on “hôtel meublés”

  • 25 co-ownership associations helped to restore quality in common areas on their apartment buildings


Who will benefit from OPAH-RU?

Under certain conditions:

  • Homeowners

  • Landlords

  • Co-ownership associations (those who own the communal area e.g. in apartment buildings)


The conditions:

  • Your application for financial help must be submitted before work is started on your property

  • The property must be older than 15 years

  • The property must be within the following perimetres known as “Notre-Dame-Vernier-Thiers”

  • Other dependencies listed on the table below


    What help can you get for renovations on your property?


    Grants are provided to finance renovations, depending on the following conditions:



    For landlords:

    For homeowners:

    For co-owners:

    Depends on...

    rent charged


    the damage/fragility of the building

    How much of the cost will be subsidised:

    from 25% to 80% of the

    from 35% to 80% (and in certain cases up to 100%)

    free assistance is offered for up to 50% of the works





    A couple with one child, living in a 2-bedroom apartment of 60m², with an income of less than 2300 €/month want to make their home more energy efficient and the cost of doing so will be €19,000.
    → with OPAH-RU, 88% of the cost will be subsidised (€17,424). They will also gain 25% by paying less each month on their energy bills.


    A landlord wants to totally renovate his/her extremely weathered 1-bedroom property of 49m² which he/she rents out for 435 €/month and the works will cost €51,700.
    → with OPAH-RU, 55% of the cost will be subsidised (€28,435), paid in instalments over 9 years and there will be a deduction on tax foncières.


    A total refurbishment of the common areas of a property of 10 units, to bring up to regulation standard (e.g. concerning electricity, gas, fire escapes, isolation and carpentry) the cost of which will be €82,200.

    → with OPAH-RU, 52% of the cost will be subsidised (€43,624)


To learn more, contact the OPAH-RU team: -