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How much can you earn from your property in Nice?

Nice is a city with something for everyone, from beach lovers to culture vultures and more. The city is vibrant all year round and attracts a huge number of visitors – not just in the summer months but in the winter months too!.

A well placed property, therefore, can really help to pay for itself, particularly given the huge rise in the number of people who choose to stay in an apartment for their holidays rather than a hotel! In order to rent well, your property must be in a top-class area of Nice, such as the Carré d’Or, the Musiciens or the Old Town. Areas beyond this such as Nice North and Nice West to have lovely properties, but holiday makers are far less likely to want to stay there as they are further away from the beach and mean public transport is necessary.

Property in Nice

Attika specialises in selling properties in the best areas of the city and will be able to fully advise you and help you with your search. A good apartment or villa for rentals will also have to be beautifully furnished and decorated; again Attika can help and you with this. Without a doubt the best apartment rental company in Nice is Your Nice Apartment and they have estimated annual incomes based on their figures collected over the past three years:

One bedroom: between 6,000 € and 16,000 €

Two bedrooms: 11,000 € and 25,000 €

Three bedrooms: between 17,000 € and 40,000 €

Four bedrooms: between 30,000 € and 60,000 €

Villas: between 60,000 € and 250,000 € plus

Aside from the location a number of different factors can affect rental income. If there is outside space with the property (for example a balcony, terrace or garden) then tenants will pay more, and the same can be said for a property with air conditioning or nice views.

You should also look for property that has a lift where possible as this means that older couples of people with children and pushchairs will be able to stay there. If there is no lift (and often there isn't in Nice) then it's best to be below the 3rd floor. This doesn't apply to Nice old town where there are hardly any lifts there and yet it's enormously popular with holiday makers. Even if you buy a 4th floor apartment without a lift there, it will still rent out if it's beautiful inside as the historical old town is where people want to stay.

Attika will be delighted to source your perfect investment and put you in touch with Your Nice Apartment for their first class rentals team in Nice, so if you are thinking of investing in a rental property on the French Riviera then please come and speak to us!