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The Cours Saleya - more than just a flower market

The Cours Saleya is one of Nice’s many treasures. First opened in 1861, the market attracts not only locals, but also tourists from all around the world thanks to its advertisement on various holiday websites and guides. The vibrant, colourful market is situated in the Old Town and its flower market is considered one of the best markets in the whole of France!

Sunflowers Cours Saleya

While the Cours Saleya is world renowned for its flower market, selling beautiful flowers and plants at bargain prices, there is much more to see. Every Monday the Cours Saleya is host to an antique market, selling charming French brocante. What is more, the market is an amazing hub for local artists to showcase and sell their work. But despite all this, it is the food stalls which are the most numerous. The sellers advertise a diverse range of Provençale products such as olives, oils, herbs and the local speciality, ‘socca’.

Fresh berries at the Cours Saleya


Although the Cours Saleya is considered one of the most expensive markets in the area, it is not without reason as it is also said to be the best in terms of quality. Wandering around the market, it is clear to see from the various displays of juicy red tomatoes and fragrant bunches of lavender that all the products are fresh and of the highest quality. The market also has an authentic and friendly atmosphere; some of the local sellers have been there for almost 20 years!

Pretty sweet tins at the Cours Saleya

Opening times:

Flower market – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6am – 5.30pm; Sunday 6.30am – 6.30pm; Wednesday and Saturday 6.30am – 1.30pm

Food market – Tuesday – Sunday 6am – 1.30pm

Antiques market – Monday 7am – 6pm