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Extra Costs and Fees involved in buying property in France

French Riviera property purchasing fees

When a property is presented to you by an estate agent in France, the price will normally include the agency commission (this is ALWAYS the case with Attika - it's the seller who pays our commission and not the buyer) which means that the only other significant purchasing costs you need to add on top are the ‘Notary’s Fees’ which despite the expression, do not in fact all go to the notaire but also cover various government taxes, stamp duty, disbursements etc.

For a re-sale purchase these legal fees are around 7 - 7.5% of the purchase price, although it varies slightly due to factors such as whether you are taking out a mortgage on the property. In the case of new build property and property which is less than 5 years old (with only one previous owner) the notary’s fees are significantly reduced and can be calculated at approximately 2.5% - 3% of the purchase price.

There are three other small costs that you may have to pay when purchasing a property in France.

1. Contribution towards a sinking fund - this is likely to be only a few hundred euros if at all. Your Notaire should advise you on this. For more details on 'sinking funds' please go to the chapter on 'Taxes and Charges'

2. Pro-rata payment of the 'Tax Foncière' bill. Again this cost should only be a few hundred euros maximum if you are purchasing an apartment. Your Notaire will inform you before completion of this cost. For more information, please go to the chapter entitled 'Taxes and Charges'

3. Depending on your level of French, you may be advised to pay for and have a certified translator at the final signing or 'Acte de Vente'.