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Real Estate Agents on the French Riviera- a guide for property buyers

French Riviera

Real Estate Agents in France must have a professional license - the coveted "carte professionnelle". Attika has the full license (license number 5799T) and is insured by the FNAIM, France's National Federation of Estate Agents. We are not a "middle-man" as are the vast majority of other "English-speaking Estate Agents" based on the French Riviera - we are a fully registered and professional real estate agency used by hundreds of French clients too! When you use Attika as your agent to buy property in Nice or Cannes, you can rest assured that you are getting your property at the same price as any local would with no "price hikes" added for a middle man, or to exploit foreign buyers ! In addition, we do not charge for our add-on services as do many UK agencies based in France. We will set up your bank account, utilities and broker a mortgage deal for you - at no cost.

Unlike in the UK and many other countries, France has a system of multiple listings for property sales and many French owners give their property to several different agencies to sell. Multiple listings allow maximum exposure for a property and it is not uncommon to find the same property on the books of 20 different real estate agents - and often at different prices!! This can be a tiresome and disheartening process if you’re wasting valuable time visiting previously viewed properties.

How do we get round this problem? The best solution is to appoint one single agency to act on your behalf who will undertake a full and comprehensive property search allowing you to visit suitable properties on the market offered at the best price.

Attika International’s personalised property search will source properties and co-ordinate an itinerary of visits for you. It couldn’t be simpler, all you have to do it is turn up and enjoy the fun part of finding your property!!

Before you get started, why not take a look at our guide on the words you need to know when buying property in France?

How much commission do real estate agents in France earn and who pays this?

Each real estate agency in France is free to decide upon the amount of commission they will take for selling properties and this is usually further negotiated with the seller when they choose agencies to market their property. The price of any property presented to you will normally already include the agency commission (this is ALWAYS the case on the Attika site) but not the Notaire fees. The amount of commission must be displayed in the estate agents window and inside the office. Normally speaking agencies will take between 5 and 10% depending on the price of the property and this is paid by the seller upon completion of the sale. For more expensive properties costing above 1 000 000€ the agency commission is normally around 5% and for less expensive properties costing under 200 000€ the agency commission can be as high as 10%.

You may find that when you come to purchase a property, it may be beneficial from the buyer's point of view to subtract the agency commission from the sales price and pay this themselves separately. This will then reduce the buyer's notaire fees which are based on the sale price of the property. Your agent will advise you whether this is appropriate in your case.