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Apartments for sale in Nice Port, Place Garibaldi & surrounds

French Riviera

Nice is France’s top cruise port and the atmosphere here is lovely. It is easy to forget that you are in one of France’s largest towns as you sit in the port-side cafés and watch the fishermen set out for their day's work in their colourful boats.

Nice's port remains calm and with a definite authenticity unlike many of the other ports along the coast which are indeed stunning but which cater less to the Mediterranean fisherman and more to the international superyacht playboys.

The properties on the front of Nice's port are gorgeous but like the promenade, can have some road noise. The roads behind the port are very authentic and are buzzing with fantastic restaurants, local cafés and hundreds of Antique shops (the areas between the port and the old town are Nice's famous Antiques quarter and you can spend hours browsing here).

The most exclusive road at the port is on the Eastern side and is called Frank Pilatte – lots of more modern residences with fabulous views and luxury bonuses - and it's quiet too. Behind this is the start of Mont Boron.

Prices of property in Nice port area are rising and it has once again become very fashionable over the past 8 years or so, especially with all the improvements that have been made in the past few months. The tramway has increased prices here even further – especially for properties set a little further behind the port on Boulevard de la Republique which starts at the beautiful Place Garibaldi.

Place Garibaldi is a jewel in the crown of Nicois history and is just beside the old town, a short walk to the port. The wonderful Baroque architecture of the Square date from around 1782 when Nice still belonged to the House of Savoy and at this time Place Garibaldi was the grand entrance to the town on the Royal Road from Turin which was the capital of the Royal House of Savoy. It has been a popular meeting point throughout the centuries and although recent years have seen its beauty fade, it has recently undergone an amazing renovation which means it has once again become the stunning centrepiece it deserves to be.

Named after Giuseppe Garibaldi who was born in Nice, the square is largely pedestrianised with the opening of the tramway and the roads running off it such as Avenue de la Republique are also being given fabulous facelifts. Property in Place Garibaldi itself are expensive but you can still find bargains in the areas behind and leading down to the port itself.

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