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Apartments in Nice Cimiez for sale

French Riviera

Cimiez sits on a hill a couple of km from the centre of town. The Hill of Cimiez is now the chic and residential part of Nice and its popularity was further enhanced when Queen Victoria chose it as her favoured residence – her statue and palace still are major landmarks in the heart of the district.

It's just a short drive to this well-to-do area above the hustle and bustle of the city. There are ancient Roman ruins here as well as beautifully preserved thermal baths, the Matisse museum and lovely parkland

You will find a great many elegant apartment blocks and Belle Epoque houses in Cimiez with prices to reflect the popularity of this fashionable area.

Bas Cimiez means lower Cimiez and is within easy walking distance of our offices

If you want to buy property in Nice Cimiez then contact your Attika International Nice real estate team at