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Buy-to-let in Nice is very popular! Which areas are best for a Nice buy-to-let apartment?

French Riviera

Nice is a top holiday destination not only for the international traveller but for the French and neighbouring Italians themselves. The Riviera’s “capital” town is second only to Paris for tourism in France with an average of 4 million visitors every year. Many property investors like to buy Nice apartments to let them out as Nice holiday apartments.

Nice airport is France’s 2nd busiest in France and the town, along with neighbouring Villefranche, houses the top cruise port in France. As France’s 5th largest town, Nice also attracts a huge number of executives on short-term work placements (people working in Sophia Antipolis and Monaco particularly) who want to live in the city and make the most of the lifestyle offered by a large town. Nice is also a top congress centre and so attracts a large number of business visitors for short term rental stays. In fact 1 out of every 100 visitors to Europe stay at least one night in Nice and yet there are only about 10 000 hotel rooms available to satisfy them all which is why your property in Nice will serve you as an excellent rental investment – and you can still use it whenever you like !!

The number of Niçois holiday rental companies has increased in recent years to cater for the huge rise in the number of people who choose to stay in an apartment for their holidays rather than a hotel - often because in the peak season there is so little hotel accommodation available and the prices are so high that most prefer having their “own little home” for a week or 2 – especially as this avoids the need to eat out at a restaurant every night. The seasonal rentals market in Nice is booming and our clients who have purchased properties in Nice are delighted with the income they are obtaining from their holiday home when they are not using it themselves. If you're coming on an apartment hunting trip look on  to see the best of what's on the market.

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Where should you buy your apartment in Nice?

Apartments in Nice Old Town

Nice Old Town Old town is one of our top recommendations if you wish to maximise your rental returns. Vieux Nice (or Nice vieille ville as it's also known) is a number one destination for tourists because you are in the heart of Nice, the picturesque winding streets with their artists’ galleries, boutiques and restaurants are on your doorstep and the beaches are just a short stroll away. The area is brimming with history but you must bear in mind that Vieux Nice properties are in extremely old buildings, often without a lift and sometimes with poorly maintained communal areas - and it’s very rare to find a balcony here– so if balconies, views and lifts are on your personal wish-list then you will probably need to widen your search to other (equally profitable) areas. An Old Nice apartment without a balcony or lift will still rent out very well but we recommend that you go no higher than the 3rd floor without a lift unless the apartment is truly spectacular.

Apartments in Nice Carré d'Or. Nice Musiciens Apartments

Nice “Carré d’Or and” the “Musiciens” : These areas border each other and are in the centre of town, a short walk from the old town and stretching from the beach up to the train station. This is the chicest area of Nice and is home to the best designer boutiques, lovely open squares, wide boulevards and top restaurants. It is more expensive to purchase here than in the old town but you have a wider choice of architecture, brighter apartments and if you have the budget you’ll be able to find lifts, balconies and good views! The Curtis family who bought in the beautiful “Palais de la Méditerannée” on the Promenade 3 years ago have rented their apartment out the whole year through and their clients keep coming back – they couldn’t be happier with their investment. They say the key is of course the location - but also furnishing your property well and ensuring that it truly is a home from home for their clients.

They are lucky enough to have an underground storage area or “cave” to keep their personal belongings but if you don’t’have this luxury, buy a padlock for one of your cupboards and you can keep your personal effects in there when you are not using the apartment

Apartments in Nice Centre

Nice Centre: All of the areas above are in the Centre but for the ease of this site we have named the area along Jean Medecin and to the East of this the “Centre” – including the roads behind Galeries Lafayette and Nice Etoile such as Hotel des Postes, Boulevard Dubouchage etc. Again the centre has many top spots for rental investments. All the streets here are close to the tram lines, it’s filled with many lovely buildings and is just 10 minutes walk to the beach. We would not recommend that you purchase much further north than Avenue Thiers though if regular rental income is necessary as most people wish to stay in the very heart of the centre
Apartments in Nice Port

Port : Several of the roads around the Port are also excellent – especially those with sea views on the front of the port or on Frank Pilatte although you will pay a premium for these addresses! The other part of the port we’d recommend is the antiques area (Rue Segurane etc) as this is close the both the Port and Place Garibaldi and is just a 5 minute walk to the old town.
Apartments in other areas of Nice: Cimiez, Nice West....

Other areas : There are some other beautiful areas of Nice such as Cimiez and Nice West where you will find larger terraces and even communal pools. These properties will rent out in the summer time but you will find it difficult to rent out for the rest of the year so if rental income throughout the year is something you are relying on then we recommend a more central location such as one of those above so that your visitors avoid the necessity for a car or public transport to get about. Do bear in mind that you do not necessarily have to have a balcony to have tenants although it’s a plus (but not a make or break!) - because the weather is so delightful in Nice, visitors spend their time strolling along the Promenade des Anglais, shopping in the famous “Carré d’Or” and eating out in the old town, and of course laying out on the beach (which some enjoy all year round!).

When will you rent out your property in Nice?

If you are renting to tourists, high season starts from June and goes through to the beginning of September so these are your peak months for rental income and the months when you will undoubtedly rent your apartment out as much as you want at premium rates.

In February the carnival starts for a period of three weeks and Nice will be packed with tourists from all over the world – a million spectators come to watch the processions and the Battle of the Flowers – hotels are overflowing and so your apartment can earn you a good income during this time.

In May the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film festival attract huge numbers of visitors to the area and all the hotels are booked out so again, an excellent time to rent out and you can ask for more or less summer rates.

In June and July there are several festivals and one very famous one is the “Nice Jazz Festival” when a fantastic selection of different musicians play on stage in the Park at Cimiez. The atmosphere is first class and locals and tourists love it – there are many visitors so a top period for renting! The “low” season during winter still sees many visitors as Nice has such a mild winter climate but you can be sure that the Christmas period is a busy time, especially since the Italians then come over to do their Christmas shopping. The majority of our clients find they can very easily rent out for a minimum of 20 weeks per year with little effor, many who use agencies rent out for far more than this.

How to manage your Nice apartment rentals.

Attika uses a first class rentals team who can manage all of your apartment rentals in Nice - Your Nice Apartment.  They do the “meet and greet”, the linen, deal with anything that arises during your clients’ stay and they put photos with a good description of your property on their highly visible website.  You will always find that your apartment is returned to you in excellent condition. In Cannes the equally excellent take care of our Cannes clients for their congress and holiday rental apartments